Any and all orders fulfilled by ETAMORPH LLC are ruled by the “General Terms & Conditions of Sale”. The full document is always attached to ETAMORPH proposals and can be also dowloaded at the end of this page. 

ETAMORPH products are hand-made only on demand and we are not able to offer returns. Buyer shall not have any right to return or exchange any products unless discrepancies or mechanical defects exist in such Products. Buyer shall not return any Products to Seller without first obtaining written return authorization from a duly authorized representative of ETAMORPH. 

ETAMORPH products are guranteed for 1 (one) year following the date of delivery (“Warranty Period”). 
The warranty will not cover:
a. Any damages that can be directly or indirectly caused to persons, animals and things as a result of the non-compliance with instructions and applicable rules for installation, use and maintenance of the Product, or related to any possible interruption of operation of the Products.
b. Any irregularities and defects contained in crafted natural material components such as stone and wood. Products containing irregularities or defects (x) that are beyond the control of Seller, (y) that Seller cannot prevent by the exercise of reasonable care or (z) that are natural to or inherent in any particular material such as natural stone, shall not be deemed to be defective, and Buyer shall have no recourse to Seller for such irregularities or defects in such Products.
c. Any damages caused by improper cleaning solutions or methods.
d. Any damages caused by improper installation or assembly by the customer or the customer’ agent.
e. Any damages to our products, parts of our products.
f. Any damages caused by exposure to weather or improper environment.
g. Any damages costs of installation, removal, or re-installation.
h. Restoration or repair work.
i. Any parts purchased separate from our light fixtures 
Refer to specific warranty sheet in the product page for more details 

Damages must be documented and reported within 5 business days of receipt. ETAMORPH is not responsible for repair or replacement of damages reported after this time. Buyer shall inspect all products delivered to buyer or picked up by or on behalf of buyer immediately upon such delivery or pickup for (i) any discrepancy in the quantity of such products from that specified in the proposal and (ii) any damage visible without removing the packaging of such products (collectively, “initial discrepancies”). Buyer shall list any such initial discrepancies in writing and have the delivery driver, or, if such products are picked up by or on behalf of buyer, a representative of seller or seller’s supplier, sign and date such list before leaving the delivery or pickup location. Prior to the close of business at the location of delivery or pickup on the day of delivery or pickup, buyer shall send such signed list of initial discrepancies to seller by email. buyer shall, at seller’s request, permit seller to inspect any alleged initial discrepancies at the place where the products are located during normal business hours. Buyer shall (i) further inspect all products within 5 days after the date on which such products are delivered to, or picked up by or on behalf of, buyer for (y) any non-compliance of such products with the specifications therefore and (z) any damage visible only after removing the packaging of such products (collectively, “follow-up discrepancies,” and together with initial discrepancies, “discrepancies”), (ii) notify seller in writing on or before the close of business on that 5th day of any such follow-up discrepancies and (iii) at seller’s request, permit seller to inspect any alleged follow-up discrepancies at the place where the products are located during normal business hours. if damage has occurred in shipping all packaging must be retained by receiver. Failure to do so may invalidate any claim.