A destabilizing elegance on the brink of collapse. The moment we accept the change as part of our experience, the tension becomes relaxation.

Slice dining table is the expression of a simple but incisive geometric operation that challenges the force of gravity and our perception of equilibrium. The monolithic support is sliced by a neat oblique cut in two portions that, sliding on each other, trigger a sense of tension in the surrounding environment and in our perception of the space we live in. Slice takes shape from the synergy between mass and gravity, stability and movement, heaviness and lightness. The base of Slice is crafted from a monolithic block and can be executed in a wide spectrum of natural stones and finishes. The tabletop is custom-made and can be fabricated in several diameters, with the possibility of using stones different from the base. Slice is 100% crafted in Italy by ETAMORPH

Typology: Dining Table

Materials: Monolithic Stone

Year: 2021

Accollade: Interior Design Best of Year Table 2021