Beyond the event horizon nothing can be observed nor escape.

Named after the French astronomer Charles Messier and masterfully crafted in Italy with Calacata marble, Messier evokes the strangest and most fascinating objects in our universe. Creators and destroyers of our cosmos, black holes reverse everything we know about the sky above us. Messier is both a lighting fixture and a sculpture. When the lamp is lit up, the light is softly released through the white surface, while the veins of the stone become dark, evoking chaos and mystery beyond the event horizon. When the lamp is off, Messier becomes a sculpture and displays the vivid colors and complexity of an extraordinary stone. Messier is 100% crafted in Italy by ETAMORPH.

Typology: Lighting

Materials: Natural stone

Year: 2020

Accollade: NYCxDesign 2020 Winner