Michelangelo Project

The Michelangelo project stems from the collaboration between ETAD and the best stone laboratories in the cradle of marble, Carrara.

Thanks to the combination of traditional processing methods (handmade finishing) and advanced cutting-edge technologies, such as the use of anthropomorphic robots and water jet machines, ETAD is able to provide the most advanced design solutions in the industry.

Thanks to this approach, the support labs of ETAD in Carrara are able to create projects starting from scratch as well as custom components for design and furniture.

The workshops can run the creation from series to unique pieces, starting from the raw material quarried in place and directly processed without intermediaries, improving time, cost and work efficiency.


ETAD collaborates with the best Italian metal fabricators in order to provide a wide variety of services ranging from production of highly detailed design components for exclusive architecture interiors to site specific projects that can be executed in a full spectrum of metals and finishes.

The workshops, mainly located in the northern region of Italy, are specialized in precision architectural metal fabrication with unsurpassed capabilities in extreme metal folding